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ICCF Webchess sunucusunu arayüzü değişti.

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Sunucunun yeni tasarımı: http://www.iccf-webchess.com

ICCF, 1 ocak 2014 gününden itibaren, oyun bitimlerinde tabloların kullanımı gibi birtakım yenilikleri uygulamaya koyuyor.
HarunTaner Nickli Kullanıcıdan Alıntı:ICCF, 1 ocak 2014 gününden itibaren, oyun bitimlerinde tabloların kullanımı gibi birtakım yenilikleri uygulamaya koyuyor.

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1 Ocak 2014'ten itibaren baslayan turnuvalarda oyuncular, masada 6 tas kalmasi halinde ve pozisyon table base ile kesinlikle cozumlenebiliyorsa kazanc ilan edebilecekler.

Bilgi ve haber: Aziz Serhat Kural
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Alıntı:Server update

Tuesday, December 31, 2013: December 2013

Dear all,

today I updated the server with the following new features:

Responsive design and support for mobile devices
We are now supporting mobile devices including tablets and mobile phones, as well as better support old screens with a low resolution. This is done by a responsive design with two break points for the whole site, as well as improvements and changes to many of the screens.
Navigation using a drop down list for viewports of less than 1024 pixels width (e.g. mobile phones)
Dialogs now have a responsive layout. On big screens, the label is left of the input field and right aligned. On small screens, the label moves on top of the input field and is left aligned. The labels are now in bold text.
The responsive design works to some extent on legacy browsers, including IE 6, 7, and 8, but it is recommended to use a more modern browser.
Many screens change their layout on smaller viewports.
The columns of the games list are no longer configurable. Instead, the columns are reduced automatically, depending on screen size.
The chess board is now responsive, and changes size automatically based on screen size.
We also support fixed size chess boards in addition to responsive chess boards. On the game screen, by default the board is responsive. The user can choose a fixed size board from the board menu. The reponsive board is also available from the board menu, it is called "automatic".
The selection of the board is no longer stored in the database. Instead, the selection is stored in a cookie. This means that the user is able to select different board sizes on different devices. (If the cookie expires, the board will switch back to responsive. The cookie expires after one year.)
Removed popup controls
The popup control to find an ICCF ID has been replaced with an auto-complete control. Everywhere you can enter an ICCF ID, you can now type either an ICCF ID, or the name of a player in the format "Lastname, Firstname". If you have typed a complete ICCF ID, or at least four characters of the name, a suggestion list will appear, where you can choose from.
Improved new events list
The new events list has a new design.
Improved events announcements
There is now a separate page for each event on the new events list with the event announcement. It includes all the details of the new event.
Improved navigation on tables and results
There is a new way to navigate the hierarchy of tournaments on the tables and results screen, which should be much easier to use.
Separate rating lists for chess 960 events
As agreed by congress, there will be separate rating lists for chess and chess 960 events in the future, and this update includes the required changes.
Server based claims
Instead of sending claims by email, the claims can now be entered directly on the server.
We are testing a new feature where the server will be able to automatically decide on claims. As for now, the TD has to carefully evaluate and decide on claims himself. The advice of the new feature is displayed to TDs, and TDs are advised to carefully check the advice and let us know if it is not correct.
Claims cannot be made by team captains. Instead, in team events the claim is made by the player himself, but first sent to the team captain.
The team captain can then decide if he wants to proceed with the claim or cancel it. He can do this on the same "Claim details" screen, that the TD can see.
The reports for the WTDs are available from the same "My Claims" screen that all TDs can access, but only visible to users in the WTD role.
While a game has a pending claim, the TD cannot add time to the clock, restart the game, take back a move, insert moves, or set a result.
While a player has pending claims, the TD cannot substitute or replace the player.
A proposed move becomes part of the game score once the claim has been accepted or rejected.
It is not possible to submit conditional moves when claiming.
It is not possible to claim if you are on leave or have exceeded your time.
When the player commits a claim, there are some validity checks before the claim is created. These include:
Making sure that no move was made between starting the claim and committing it.
Verifying that the player is not on leave.
Verifying that the player has not exceeded thinking time.
Verifying that no draw was offered, if claiming a draw.
Verifying that the claim is consistent with the table base rule of the event.
Verifying that a proposed move is legal, unambigous, and does not lead to mate or stalemate.
If the status of a claim changes, there are notifications to the TD, both players, and in team events to both team captains.
There is a popup confirm dialog when selecting the radio button on the second step, telling the player that the move is binding.
There is a popup confirm dialog when selecting a radio button on the third step for claiming a draw, telling the player that a rejected claim results in a draw offer.
A TD, and in team events also both team captains see a message about a claim pending on the game screen.
A TD, and in the case of a team event also the team captain if the claim is pending with him, see in addition a link to the claim details.
Tablebase support
For claims based on the tablebase rule as agreed by congress, TDs can now query the tablebase provided by Convekta. (Please see the separate announcement)
Polish and Japanese localizations
The server is now available in the Polish and Japanese languages.
All email notifications to team captains have now been globalized.

New leave rule "No special leave"
Added a new leave rule "NoSpecialLeave".
This rule can be selected by the TO on the create/edit event screen.
If the TO chooses the "StandardSLO" leave rule for a tournament with start date in 2014 or later, he gets an error message "Events which start in 2014 or later cannot use the special leave office".
From 2014 on, the default setting for a new event will be "NoSpecialLeave" and 45 days of leave per year.
For players playing in a tournament with the "NoSpecialLeave" rule there won't be a link to request special leave on the game screen and cross table.
If a TD displays the leave of a player in a tournament with the "NoSpecialLeave" rule, he won't be able to enter special leave.
Special leave taken via the SLO does not count in tournaments with the "NoSpecialLeave" rule. It only counts in tournaments which use the "StandardSLO" rule. (This is no change, just added this for clarification).
New setting "initial time" for standard time control
There is a new setting "initial time" on the create/edit event screen, on the rules tab, when editing the settings for the standard time control.
The field is optional.
If the field is filled in, when the tournament is started, all clocks start with the number of days set for "initial time".
If the field is not filled in, when the tournament is started, all clocks start with the numer of days set for "days per time control". This is no change, i.e. all tournaments with the value "initial time" not filled in will work as before.
This setting cannot be made for thematic tournaments (because the initial time is calculated differently in thematic tournaments).
The short name of the time control displayed on the new events list is "W days, then X moves in Y days".
The long name of the time control displayed in the rules text in the start list email and below the cross table is "ICCF standard time control of W days, followed by X moves in Y days, with duplication after Z days".
Achievements on the player details are now sorted by year instead of medal.
When editing an achievement, after saving, the QC is redirected to the achievements tab instead of the contact details tab.
Rating history
Inactive rating history at the end is now hidden from the list and from the diagram.
The button to display the last calculation is now hidden, if there are no games for the last rating list for this player.
Tables and results
Instead of drop downs, this screen is now using Miller columns.
The number of postbacks that the sceen requires is now reduced.
The screen starts with the world championship finals selected instead of empty.
The list of events is now sorted with the newest event being at the top.
The columns are now correctly aligned.
Events list
The events list previously only available to TOs and TDs has been redesigned and is now available to everyone under "Playing / My Events".
There are checkboxes at the top, which allow you to show your games as:
Backup TD
Team Captain
The checkboxes are only visible, if the user is in the TO rule, TD rule, or is a team captain in any event.
The link to the cross table ("Control") has been moved on the event name
Columns are now properly aligned.
The event list now has the updated design.
The event list is now globalized.
Event signup improvements
When entering an event, and the user is not logged in, there is a new first step.
Similar to signup, the player can choose between:
I am new to correspondence chess
I have some experience with correspondence chess, but have not yet played in any national or ICCF events.
I have played in ICCF or national event, but not yet on the server.
I have played on the ICCF server before.
If the user selects option one or two, he gets the message:
Please register with ICCF first. Once your account has been confirmed, you can enter an event.
He can then continue with the sign up screen.
If the user selects option four, he gets the message:
If you have already played on the server, please log in using your existing ICCF ID and password.
If the user selects option three, there is a new second step.
Here the user can select his existing ICCF ID.
The ICCF ID is validated. It must exist and the account must not yet be registered.
He then continues with step 3, which is step 1 for logged in users.
Step 3 (step 1 for logged in users):
If the event has age restrictions, and the user has entered his date of birth, the age restrictions are immediately validated.
If the validation fails, the user sees the message:
You cannot enter this event because your date of birth does not comply with the age restrictions set by the tournament organizer.
If the event has age restrictions, and the user has not yet entered his date of birth, he has to enter his date of birth as part of step 3.
If th event is a postal event, the user has to enter / confirm his postal address as part of step 3.
When paying per Paypal, the Paypal page is now displayed based on the user's settings for country and language.
Age restrictions for tournaments
If a tournament has age restrictions, they are displayed on the tournament announcement screen.
If a tournament has age restrictions, the age is verified also when the TD replaces or substitutes a player, or when the TO allocates a player.
All player verifications (including the new age restrictions) are also done, when the DE creates a registration.
Hyperlink in move notifications
Move notification emails now contain a link to the game screen.
Multi group events: On the "cross table" which lists all the groups of a multi group event, there is now a link for the TO to start more groups.
A new player signing up has to confirm his real name with a checkbox.
International title tournaments with category 7 or higher require a TD with IA title
This is verified when starting the event, when changing the TD, and when editing the category.
Better header selection when creating/editing event
Instead of a single drop down list with by now a huge number of headers, the TO can now select the header from cascading drop down lists.
Selecting a header is now mandatory.
There is also a new checkbox for "National event".
The selection of the header must correspond with the value selected for "National event".
There are now rule validations based on the header:
Events with start date 2014 or later must use the 6 piece tablebase rule, with the exception of national events.
Events with start date 2014 or later must use the "No special leave" leave rule, with the exception of national events, unrated events, and friendly matches.
After the event has been started, the selection for national event can no longer be changed. The header can still be changed, but not from a national event header to another header, or vice versa.
This prevents selecting the wrong rule and the wrong header, and then correcting the header. (The only exception is if you have a rated event under friendly matches, and then move it to another ICCF header, you can still use the "Standard" leave rule.)
There is now an export of the player data for national federations.
This update includes additional changes for ICCF officials, and additional bug fixes, which are not listed here in detail.

Sincerely, yours
Martin Bennedik

by [email protected]

K: http://iccf.com/message?message=627